Teenage Gambling Addiction

Teenage Gambling PlayerThere is nothing more frightening than an addiction causing damage to those we love, especially when they happen to be family members. Addiction in the 21st century is a growing problem that further darkens the path for others who otherwise cannot visualize a possible future ahead of them. One addiction that has surfaced only recently in the last decade, is Teen Gambling and Addiction. This is where Teenage-gambling-addiction.org takes the next step to help those who suffer from this uncommon illness. Just as alcoholism and drug abuse can ruin lives, gambling addiction is often dismissed over physical addictions all too often. The damaging effects are not only harming the person (or persons) suffering from gambling addiction, they directly have negative effects on family and friends in so many different ways imagined.

If you are curious about how this illness works, you will find many sources and articles listed that help you understand how this addiction starts, what it does, and how it can be cured for good. We invite you to share your stories with us, so others may find solace in a global community dealing with a larger threat that attacks the core of family value itself!

Teenage-gambling-addiction.org is committed to helping others from a traditional standpoint of posting and distributing self-help information. We are a non-profit group that formed together from members originating from a support group for gambling addiction. It was due to the terrible effects of gambling that led to our own family member addictions which sparked our quest to help others who share the same affliction that we encountered ourselves.

We take gambling addiction very seriously and when it involves teens, it can create an even worse outcome. As children and young adults have a somewhat different brain than adults, they are more susceptible to making harmful decisions which can have long-term repercussions. This is why they have there own specialist doctors (pediatricians) and have their own courts (juvenile courts). With this being the case, any type of gambling with money, no matter how small the amount, is detrimental to the long-term health of the child/teenager. This is why all real money gambling websites can only be used by those who are able to prove they are of the legal gambling age for that specific region/country.

As we know gambling addiction, as with any form of addiction, comes in many forms and varieties. Gambling addiction can range from going to the horse track, betting on football games or heading to the land based casino. Because of the ubiquitous nature of gambling and its temptations, there are always places and opportunities to gamble. As an addiction which is bottomless in terms of what you can lose financially, any type of real money gambling will lead to a dark hole. Although you have an addiction, this does not mean you cannot enjoy yourself and take advantage of all that the internet offers. Keeping this in mind there are sites out there, like “Demo slot machines” that offer all of their slot games for free demo play. Just as you would with an arcade game or a Playstation, their games are for pure entertainment value and no money is required.