Where to seek help with teenage gambling addiction?

We as parents choose to help as much as we can from within our support circle. It has taken quite a while to find some of the better links that we could direct others who needed immediate help with as much concern as we had encountered. Kidshealth.org is one such site that continues to take great care for addictions and problems encountered both children and teens, and is a wonderful resource for young parents alike.

At some point comes the task of asking for professional help- and this is perhaps the most personal of out-reach questions that is all too often a sensitive matter. Trusted sources like www.crchealth.com help many parents find local treatment centers that are without shame and let you keep your privacy secure when researching where to get additional help.

The following links are some that we advise and share among our friends and online outreach. We hope you may later recommend these sources to those who may need these links later. Many of them are free info, but some help you find the addiction treatment that can help the most.