Is Pokemon GO Linked to teen gambling?


Well, we all know how the popularity of Pokemon GO has skyrocketed overnight and you watched helplessly as your friends and family started walking the streets in search of various Pokemon characters. The number of people playing the game was so unexpected, that the company itself had a hard time managing their servers. But what exactly made this game spread like wildfire? To start off, the game is based on one of the world’s most popular Anime series, with most people from the ages of 10 to over 30 having watched it at some point in their lives. Catching Pokemon for yourself, is a dream come true for many. When you observe closely you’ll realize that the game contains all the possible points that instantly hook you into it. It’s massively addictive without a doubt. Most people who start playing don’t stop before getting hours into it, or at least until their legs tire from exhaustion. The game is aimed at a wide range of people including teenagers to adults, but children are playing it too. In turn, these kids are tasting an addiction they’ve never experienced before.

pokémon go

Now as any app game will contain those nifty ‘in-game purchases’, which means if you want to progress further, you’ll need to buy all the possible additions to catch Pokemon characters faster. It’s a great strategy that makes money. And since the game is free of charge, it gets addictive later on when people give-up and decide to progress easier and faster through levels. No surprise this company has already made billions within a month of its release and it hasn’t been released in every country yet. Meanwhile, many features of the game as well as the outside development related to it have risen many eyebrows. Betting and gambling are one of the few such developments. There are websites offering betting related the to game, with outrageous questions like “Which Parliament member will play the game in the Parliament first?” or “Will Pokemon GO have more members than Twitter?” There are many allegations about the game regarding gambling problems among teenagers. As teens from all over the world are getting addicted to the game, often get involved with gambling and other chance-based games that involve betting. The time, energy and resources otherwise used by these teenagers (in general) are lost in a newer, more danger form of addiction yet. This type of addiction usually shows no negative impact directly, but could harm the lives of many over the course of their lives as a result.